The Game’s Afoot
"A Sherlock Holmes Mystery-Comedy"

Auditions will be held on Sunday, July 9th at 7:00 pm. There will only be one night of auditions. They will be held in the Nancy Geiger Event Center. 

The following roles are available to audition for:

William Gillette
: Male, 36-45; A dynamic and charming stage actor (based on a real man). Has made a fortune from his stage adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, whom he also plays. Recently shot in the arm in a bizarre incident, Gillette is determined to bring his Sherlockian skills to bear on solving the case. Must have great comic chops.

Felix Geisel: Male, 40-45; The company’s character actor, Felix is histrionic and arch. A true theatrical that has given his life to the stage, Felix is Gillette’s best friend and occasional sidekick. Married to Madge. Actor must have great comic chops and be physically strong.

Simon Bright: Male, 23-27; The 'mangenue' of the company, Simon is an enthusiastic young man, eager to please and find success. A bit of a naïf, Simon can occasionally be overly sensitive. Recently married to Aggie, they make a charming and wonderful couple.

Inspector Harriet Goring: Female, 40-59; English and eccentric, completely one of a kind. By turns, witty and incisive, suddenly lost and dim, she is disarming in her inability to be defined. Always off the mark, and yet never far from the truth, somehow she always gets her man. Wonderful opportunity for a character actress; must have great comic chops.

Martha Gillette: Female, 70-79; Gillette’s dotty mother, elegant though a bit foggy, Martha never shies away from a fight. Always willing to lob a criticism when necessary, all the same, Martha is loyal to Gillette and his gang of theatrical misfits. Must have great comic chops.

Madge Geisel: Female, 40-45; Wry and outspoken (think Rosalind Russell), Madge, like her husband Felix, is a lifelong theatrical. Is game for anything, but back her into a corner and she will come out swinging. Must have great comic chops.

Aggie Wheeler: Female, 23-27

Daria Chase: Female, 34-47
If you have any questions about auditions please contact our Executive Director at or 320.235.9500


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